Glad the air conditioner is all clean

Having pets in your home, can really complicate and compromise your environment, when it comes to doing your spring cleaning.  I don’t like spring cleaning, as it is, but throwing in pet hair and dander, has just made the process a bit more difficult. When we had our HVAC system installed, we were told that we needed to have our heating and air conditioning system cleaned and maintained on an annual basis.  I guess we thought that all we had to do was to call and they would come right out. That is how we took it when we bought our maintenance agreement. So, we would call the HVAC company to come out and clean and do maintenance to our air conditioner, every spring. It took them anywhere from two to three weeks for them to arrive since it was a very busy time of year.   By that time, we usually had most of our cleaning done, and then the dust and dirt would be all over again, since our AC hadn’t yet been cleaned. Now, we have figured out that we needed to call the HVAC company and arrange for the maintenance, a couple weeks ahead of when we need it. This gives the HVAC company time to be able to come to the house and clean the system, even before we are ready to begin our spring cleaning.  I am really happy with our HVAC company. They are more like friends now, and they always take good care of our HVAC system for us. We seldom have any problems and when we do, they are quick to come in and rectify it

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