Glad the a/c is cared for

When we were kids, my uncle opened his very own ice cream shop.  It seemed so cool to be able to go to the local ice cream shop, knowing that you won’t need to pay full price since it was owned by family.  Fortunately, we kids weren’t the only ones who enjoyed the ice cream shop. The ice cream was delicious and there were a lot of people who showed up at the ice cream shop.  Many of the customers were there because my uncle had a heating and air conditioning system that was just as delicious as the ice cream. I heard one customer ask him where he got the HVAC system from.  My uncle told him that it was made for businesses and industry only. He must have had the best heating and air conditioning system they had on the market, at that time. He spent nearly as much on the HVAC system as he spent on the building.  He knew what he was doing, because he still has a booming business in that ice cream shop. Some of the flavors have changed, but not the HVAC system. He has it updated regularly, just to make sure it is working at its best. Most ice cream shops close down during the winter, but my uncle gets just as much business in the winter as he gets in the summer.  Say what you want, but I think it is the delicious ice cream that draws them in, but it is the ice cream and the HVAC that keeps them returning.