The ideal heat component

I often use a space heater to supplement my heating in the house.  I don’t want to put a lot of oil in my fuel tank, because it is so expensive.  I will get my space heater out on those really cool night and run that so I don’t need to up the temperature on the thermostat.  Unfortunately, a space heater is the source of so many disaster. Just one little mishap can lead to a fire and that can be life changing.  Most space heaters come with safety shut offs. What this does is force the space heater to shut down if it tips over or becomes unstable. If this doesn’t work, then there could be a problem, so you need to make sure the space heater is in a stable area.  It should never be placed near curtains, or any items that are highly flammable. Above all, you should have at least three feet of space around the space heater so there is good airflow for the heater. This allows for not just good airflow, but for a wide enough berth if there were a malfunction to make sure nothing happens.  Although a space heater comes with a lot of safety issue, if you read the manual that comes with it, it is also a good source of heating for small spaces. Make sure to follow the safety rules and give it a lot of breathing space. One other thing to be aware of is that some space heater have air filters. If you have a space heater that has air filters, you need to either change them or clean the air filters about twice a month.  If it the air filter is a reusable, always remember to not put the wet air filter back into the space heater. It should only be returned once it is completely dry.