Look into a boiler system

My husband and I bought this beautiful historical home.  When we bought it, we knew that we were going to need to put a lot of work into it to make it livable.  It basically needed to be gutted and redone, but we saw the potential. We hired a contractor to look at the house and he said he hadn’t seen construction like, since he was in school.  It was a structural fortress and of a gorgeous design. Our parents looked at it like a folly, but anyone working on looked at it like a genuine gold strike. Although it was going to be hard on our finances while it was being reconstructed, it was going to be very easy to heat and cool.  The structure was in perfect condition and we bought it for a little bit of nothing. Surprisingly, the outgoing owners had put in a good structure of pipework for the old boiler system. The home was in an area where there wasn’t a lot of need for air conditioning, so this worked to our advantage.  We loved the old tub and bathroom fixtures and all we need to add was new faucets and flooring. We truly lucked out on this find. After installing the new boiler, it was just a matter of connecting the pipes to it. We put in new air vents that were antiqued and looked like the original we had taken out.  I only wish we could have been able to revive the old air vents. They were so beautiful, but they were beginning to rust and we were worried about their integrity. Our parents came to visit over the holidays, and after experiencing the amazing heating, they made mention of moving in when they retired.

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