The loft ac unit

For the past two or so weeks, the a/c component at my house has been totally broken. Most people might see this as an serious problem that should have been take care of weeks ago. To be tolerable I agree with that idea, even though I am not in the financial position to buy a brand modern a/c component by any stretch, so I have been doing a sort of improvisation. I live a few blocks away from a library that I particularly enjoy, so I have moved my home office over to the library for the past two weeks. I thought that it was going to be crowded and a awful job environment over there, but it has turned out to be amazing There is regularly free popcorn at the reception desk, and the a/c component there is simply amazing. Every single time that I walk into the library early in the day I instantly know refreshed and cooled down after having to sleep in my muggy house all night, and one funny thing has started to happen over the past few weeks but. Tons of people who visit the library are starting to come up to myself and others and ask for help because they think that I job there! Most of the time I think exactly what they are trying to find so I just help them out to skip over the awkwardness of telling them that i am just here for the free popcorn and air conditioning, however perhaps I should just get a job there but, because that way I would be getting paid to soak up the free a/c and for the people that I am regularly helping already!

HVAC technician