The hotel HVAC

I always look forward to going on vacation.  Ever since I was in my teens, I have enjoyed visiting new places and experiencing different cultures.  Each summer, I save money and my vacation time from work so that I can travel for a few weeks with my best friend, Jill. Jill and I have gone all across the country.  Each year, she and I choose a new destination. We’ve stayed at all sorts of hotels over the years. It’s amazing how the comfort in hotels can vary so greatly. It doesn’t always depend on the climate. I’ve stayed at hotels in cool climates and been overheated. I’ve stayed at hotels in the desert and shivered.  The cost doesn’t always factor into the quality of temperature control in hotel rooms. Some of the more expensive hotel stays have had heaters that didn’t manage to keep the temperature of the room at a comfortable level. Some of the heating and a/c units are rather noisy and would make a rattling sound. I’ve noticed some units give off an odd odor when the heating or cooling starts us. When I stay at different hotels, I just hope the heating or a/c unit can maintain an even temperature.  When I turn the thermostat up or down slightly, I hope the system can reach and maintain an even temperature. I’m not sure if some hotels don’t keep up with HVAC maintenance, but these systems are often dirty looking. Even expensive hotels sometimes try to trim costs by neglecting the upkeep of the heating and air conditioning components. Since the temperature in the room is super important to overall satisfaction, these hotels should make the investment to keep people coming back.

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