I’d love a smart thermostat

I guess I have always been sort of a geek.  I was one of the first people in my neighborhood to have a personal computer and since then I have tried to be on top of any new high tech trend.  So naturally when I heard about a new smart thermostat, I was anxious to get one. I did some internet research and read reviews of many who had already installed the high tech devices.  I read about which kinds people most liked and which features were good or not so good. I loved the way the thermostats even looked like a device out of a scifi movie. Large blue numbers and a simple round dial was the unit I liked the most. I compared prices and soon had a new smart thermostat headed my way.  When the box arrived, I felt like a kid at Christmas. I could hardly contain myself with excitement. I opened the box admiring the futuristic new device. I quickly glanced at the instructions and then started to install my new smart thermostat. It was not my way to read all the instructions. I like to try to figure it out for myself first and then if I became stumped I would go to the instructions as a last resort.  I removed my old tired thermostat and carefully detached the power lines from the back. These need to be reconnected to the new device. With all that done, I need to get the unit to be on my wifi system for the house. There was also an app that was available for my cell phone and within a few minutes I was programming the temperature controls from my house while I was lounging on the sofa. This new toy was amazing! And I began to dream up things I could do to use my phone to change the temperature of my home.