Glad the heater tech works

I’ve never been fond of winter.  I’ve always prefered summer. I like to spend my summers at the pool or make trips to the beach.  When the days grow shorter at the end of the summer, and fall starts to approach, my life changes and becomes more hectic. I hate it when the weather turns colder. I know I am headed back to school very soon. I don’t look forward to chilly temperatures, snow or school.  When I was a kid, I didn’t have the added worry about the cost of operating the heating system. When the weather turned colder in the winter, I just took it for granted that the heating system would operate as needed. My parents took care of the energy bills and the upkeep of the furnace.  We never came home to a cold house in the winter. I know it’s important to schedule annual professional maintenance to keep the heating system running efficiently and reliably. This service saves both time and money. It protects air quality, comfort and safety. Having a licensed technician look over the furnace in the fall helps to avoid future repairs. The technician pinpoints any concerns, such as worn or broken parts, and resolves them. He removes any accumulation of contaminants that might block airflow, add to stress on components or pollute indoor air quality. The service doesn’t take all that long but fulfills the requirements of the warranty.  I’ve enrolled in a service plan with a local HVAC contractor. This simplifies the process for me.

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