concerned about the a/c system

One of my friends called me up the other day, so the two of us caught up on each other’s lives. His place that he had just purchased sounded like a cozy little house, as it wasn’t too big nor too small. He mentioned that it had three bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a garage attached to it as well – sounded nice to me! Overall, it was about 1600 square feet counting the garage. He was also telling me about the air conditioner that it had, which wasn’t so lovely. It was at least 15 years old, and though we talked about how it would all of a sudden turn on and work, it often would stop working again. My buddy said that this problem had been going on for a while now, pretty much since he had purchased the house! When I went over to his place with my tools, I figured I’d take a look at his Heating and Air Conditioning system. One thing was definitely sure – the Heating and Air Conditioning system was very, very old. I diagnosed the air conditioning handler to see how it was doing at circulating air, as I wanted to see if it was pushing enough cold air out or just hot air into the apartment. As I expected, the air coming out was only hot air! After that I went outside to check on the fan and condenser. The fan was turning on, but not the condenser – the mystery deepens. Without the condenser working, then there would be no cold air! I took out a multimeter and touched it to the terminals of the condenser, noting how there was no electricity coming though! After testing out the condenser, I determined that it would have to be replaced with a new condenser to function as intended. My buddy and I hopped on the internet to search for Heating and Air Conditioning supply companies, and found a single local shop that we could make it to before the day was over. Once we picked up the new component, came back home and installed it, everything was right again.

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