Can be any gender with HVAC


    Daddies, don’t let your girl babies grow up to be cowgirls. I know that isn’t how the song goes, but I am a single dad with three daughters, so I changed the lyrics to suit my life; I am a widower, and at this point the kids barely remember ever having a mom. As adolescents, they can be pretty wild, and they come by that quality because their mother and I were both terrors at that age.

                 Instead of trying to nudge them in any particular direction, I am trying to show them the options they have, but only 1 of the 3 shows any interest in college, so I am encouraging the others to take a look at the Heating & Air Conditioning industry. Of course they rolled their eyes at that idea, because I guess working on a/cs isn’t “cool”. I told them how much an Heating & Air Conditioning tech can make to start with, and how much they can end up making after a few years experience. That really got their attention, especially when I said they didn’t require 4 years of college, just a few months of Heating & Air Conditioning certification classes.

                  I have no clue whether any of them will end up seriously considering the heating and cooling industry as a job.  Hopefully. one of them does at least. It would be good to have an Heating & Air Conditioning tech in the family. Finally there would be someone to call when the gas furnace breaks again, and it wouldn’t have to cost me so much to repair it.

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