Watching the temperature control

As an Heating and Air Conditioning professional I am constantly out on the town, paying attention to the air quality and temperature whenever I go out with my partner. I just moved to a up-to-date city so I am constantly on the scene, looking for up-to-date customers that are having problems… A few days ago for instance, I went out to a bar, upon entering I immediately noticed right away that the room was seriously tepid and muggy. I did not want to exactly seem care about I was there just for company so I sat down, ordered a few drinks and got talking to the bartender. After a little while I started talking to him about the temperature! He calmly explained to me that the thermostat had stopped working and they were not currently able to figure out why. I explained to him that I was an Heating and Air Conditioning professional by trade and would be ecstatic to look at the problem. I then went and checked out the thermostat and realized it would be a quick fix for them, it just needed up-to-date batteries. The A/C device was a little old and simply needed some up-to-date air filters and minor repairs. I did the small task for free because it’s important for all company owners to find the ideal temperature for their personal space. If the temperature is ideal then customers will be ecstatic and the existing utility bills can go down. I explained to him as well that if in the near future he was interested in saving more money on his total heating and cooling he could consider insulation in the windows or putting a smart thermostat to help the A/C device run only whenever the company was open.

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