Want the heating equipment working double time

I am suddenly beginning to understand what my dear old dad used to go through when he said he was cold.  I used to wonder if some of it wasn’t only because he was looking for a bit of extra attention, though. My mom was quite needy at times, but she was never malicious about it.  It made me wonder if dad just wasn’t looking for a bit more attention. I would then realize years later that I had been putting a lot of time into effort plus not considering his feelings.  Now that I am getting a bit older, I find that the only thing that my bones plus joint usually begin to ache if I am just a little cold. I can think the change in how my own two elbows plus back think if I don’t have some extra heat at my disposal.  I guess that it is going to cost more currency to just turn up the thermostat, so usually I put on a overcoat instead. My spouse is constantly looking for drafts each day in the house, because of my wearing a overcoat or overcoat all of the time. I tell him often that the heating is fine, plus the gas furnace is working fine, plus I know  that this is just me. He jokes plus tells me that I am getting more like dear old dad every afternoon, plus he is honestly right. I suppose that if I could ever get away with wearing gloves in the house, I may just do it. I won’t turn up the central thermostat because when I hear the gas furnace running, I imagine our dollar bills flying out the chimney.