The diner has great a/c

When my children were much younger, both of us used to go camping a lot.  I remember how sizzling plus entirely miserable it would be while I was in the afternoon, plus how freezing plus itchy and buggy it would be at evening.  The worst section it all would be the large campfire. I hated the smell of the campfire plus how it would get all the way into our clothing plus no matter how many times, you washed, the fire stench was on your body.  As much as I enjoyed eating food that was also cooked on the campfire, I hated the rest of it. Once the youngsters began to get older, both of us didn’t want to go camping with the men anymore. The kids and I had our own little weekend away from the house, just like they did.  The kids and I would usually end up going anywhere where both of us could sit and relax. The people I was with and I would get in the little automobile plus drive until it got dark. We really would make the decisions about where to go by simply chance, which was novel. No matter what, the people I was with and I had air conditioning or heating, depending on what the existing weather was like.  The people I was with and I usually ended simply going to a nice steakhouse plus just enjoying our own business. One time, though, both of us went to a steakhouse plus the air conditioning was broken. They apologized profusely about not having any AC plus told us both of us could come back on some other evening. The people I was with and I noticed they had dining tables on the deck plus told them both of us wouldn’t mind eating right out there.  The people I was with and I may not have had air conditioning that time, but both of us were still having fun plus there were no plumes of campfire smoke.

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