Vacationing for a while

I had been waiting to take a vacation for years. It had been a very long time coming. I splurged for a first class plane ticket since the flight was long. I got to hang out in the first class lounge for the first time ever. I felt like I was on top of the world until I arrived in my hotel room. I was expecting it to be a bit more luxurious than what it actually was. Particularly in regards to A/C. I was expecting the usual ultra air conditioned hotel room, but instead I was stuck sweating in my bed the entire night. I never knew I would miss air conditioning that much. The entire vacation was punctuated by sweaty nights and even sweatier days. I made many stops to the ice machine, which the hotel thankfully had. I made due with the situation. All in all, I still had a wonderful trip despite the lack of air conditioning. It seemed to be a cultural thing. Pretty much everywhere I went in the area there was no air conditioning. I think of all the restaurants, cafes, markets, and buildings in general, almost none had A/C. That area is so muggy and hot that I really could have benefited from a bit of a break. When I got home, I reveled in my air conditioned apartment. After having wanted to go on vacation for so long, I was so excited to be home. I didn’t leave my apartment for an entire day after that. It’s funny how ironic life can be!

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