1st time having radiant heat

When I visited my best acquaintance last Winter time in his large, comfortable condo in the Northwestern mountains,  I secretly slept on the floor of the guest dining room. It is not because I did not love the comfortable bed in there. It absolutely was a comfortable bed, it is just that the floor was even more comfortable! You may assume I’m crazy for thinking that, but let myself and others explain. My best acquaintance had apparently gotten himself something installed called “radiant radiant floors.” I had never come across this form of heating a condo before. Maybe you have heard of it and I have just been living under a rock, but either way, I found it delightful! I observed it the moment I first stepped into his condo and took my shoes off. The floorboards themselves seemed to be radiating heat. It got to the point where I could not help but ask him about it. He was only too ecstatic to explain how they worked. Apparently, there were hot water pipes running directly beneath the floorboards. The hot water was coming from a tank that would circulate water throughout the flooring of the house. This meant that each room was heated far more evenly and efficiently, and you can absolutely assume it! So when it came time for myself and others to get some shut-eye in the guest dining room, I secretly set myself up on the floor using some blankets, quilts, and pillows. The carpet was thick and soft too, so it was not care about I was directly on the floorboards. I slept care about a baby that night!

HVAC representative