The genius of a gym that is slightly too cool

Whenever I first walk into my gym, I always feel quite the chill. They do tend to keep the air conditioning running pretty high, but I was only concerned about this on the first day that I tried this gym out. I remember it being noticeably cold and I kind of wished that they would turn the thermostat down. I shrugged and figured I would get down to business anyway. In the middle of my workout I realized I was pretty silly for being concerned about the air conditioner. At that point I was working up quite the sweat and really beginning to appreciate the coolness of the A/C. I realized that if you were feeling cold in this gym it’s probably because you were not working out sufficiently hard enough to generate the body heat and sweat necessary to appreciate the coolness. I figured it would be much worse if the gym was overly warm. Then, the  gym-goers would find themselves overheating pretty fast. That is the last thing I would want during my workout. I talked to the manager one day about this and how I felt about the air conditioning. He said that was his idea too: better to start out a little too cool, but then end up nice and refreshed once you started working out. He explained that keeping the air conditioning system running so often was a bit tough on the budget, but he still felt that it was entirely necessary for the comfort of his customers. I must say that I had to agree.

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