A good HVAC tune up


My spouse plus I have noticed a big problem with our Heating plus Air Conditioning unit. Just now, we are running the a/c everyday, for the hot plus cold temperatures outside are soaring into the 90s, plus the humidity is around 71%, It’s almost impossible to breathe, unless the frigid air equipment is working. My spouse plus I noticed some complications with the a/c last week. It seemed as if wasn’t cooling well at all, and even though we could feel air coming out of the vents, it genuinely did not feel cold.

                        My spouse made a Heating plus Air Conditioning appointment with our local service center. The appointment was set for Tuesday and I opted to stay home from work, because my spouse had an important business meeting to attend. The appointment was set for early in the day. When the appointment time came plus went, I decided to call the corporation to be sure someone was coming to look at our Heating plus Air Conditioning unit. When I provided the person on the phone with our address, they told me the appointment was fixed for the next day. I do not know how the confusion occurred, however someone got the appointment day wrong. Happily, the Heating plus Air Conditioning corporation had a free serviceman in the area so they sent the person right away, plus cancelled our appointment for the next day.

                The a/c serviceman inspected our program plus found the problem. I found out that our program was low on refrigerant. The a/c serviceman added 2 lbs of special refrigerant, plus we had ice frigid a/c once again. I was genuinely relieved they did not make us wait until the next day.

HVAC rep