A parent’s love

You can ask any of my friends and they will tell you the same thing when speaking about how I feel as a parent. I would go to just about any lengths to protect my children and even my son-in-law’s from harm. Many of my friends refer to my protectiveness to that of a lioness and her cubs but I make no excuses for that. I’m not sure where this protective Instinct came from because I had a perfectly fine childhood and never felt threatened in any way, but, I will always make sure to do what I can to help my kids out.  For this reason, when our daughter called and said that he was having a really hard time with the HVAC dealers that she has hired to fix the heat at their rental units I offered to give them a call. Trust me when I say, the last person that they needed to hear from was me in this situation. They had botched the first job that they had done and we’re now trying to double charge our daughter and her husband for fixing the mistake they made to begin with. I looked up the reviews for the company online and there were many customers that had been disappointed with them in the past so I used that to my advantage. They did fix the problem and afterwards I reminded my daughter and her husband that they should always check online reviews prior to hiring anyone to do any work for them. I love my kids, as I said, and thankfully this company was willing to fix their mistake. If they hadn’t they would have seen a very angry person at their door and they would have regretted that. A parents love should never be underestimated in my opinion.