Library cooling device

Right now, I am without a/c. I take conscientious care of my Heating and Air Conditioning equipment, but a part broke that I could not have anticipated. Unfortunately, I do not have enough money saved up to cover the repairs that I need, so I am forced to cope without cooling for a little while.  Summer is right around the corner. The weather is getting to be more hot and humid during the afternoons. I am lucky to go to work in an air-conditioned office building. However, over the weekend, my house is the last place that I want to be. Every room is uncomfortably hot and clammy feeling. I have always liked to sit and read.  On the weekends, I’ve started visiting my local coffee shop. I bring books from home, just to sit in the comfortably cool environment and read. The coffee shop’s cooling system is absolutely wonderful. It feels fantastic compared to my overheated house right now. I am thankful that the coffee shop is so close to my house, because I can walk  there and spend the afternoon reading. I sip coffee in air-conditioned comfort. It gives me some relief from the hot and humid conditions at home. I am not happy going without a/c. If I could sleep at the coffee shop to take advantage of the A/C, I would! I am now trying to scratch together the necessary money to pay for the repair of my cooling system soon. It is the start of the summer and the temperatures are only going to become worse.