happy the cat has good air quality

My cat used to love togo outside as much as possible. It seemed like the whole neighborhood was her backyard and she wanted the opportunity to explore it all. In summer, sometimes the cat would be missing for a few days straight.  After the first time it happened, I didn’t worry about her all that much, because she always returned back home. I wondered why she was so eager to go exploring when it was super hot or really cold outside. She could have remained inside the house and felt totally comfortable. I know that when she was much younger, she was always hunting for adventure. Now that she is an older cat, she is quite the opposite. She prefers the comfort of home. She definitely enjoys the HVAC system. When it is cold outside during the winter, the cat wants to stay in and keep close to the air vents. She soaks up the heat.  In the Summer, when it is hot, the cat loves the air-conditioning as much as I do. I ended up providing her a litter box to accommodate her new lifestyle. These days, the cat seems to be happy to sit in the window and simply watch the birds and squirrels. Now that she has gotten older, she cares more about the luxuries. Rather than hunt outside in the weather, she likes to keep nice and cool or perfectly warm in a climate-controlled house! I set the thermostat so that the HVAC system maintains an ideal year round temperature. Neither the cat or I want to sweat or shiver. We both like to be inside and relax.

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