Getting to enjoy the a/c afterwards

Where I live it is not easy to get the mail. My house is hidden & the mailbox is not near the road, then you have to hike over 1 mile just to grab your mail. I have to say it is stupid. I only check the mail once a few weeks during the summer time weeks. When I happen to do this, I have to usually plan in advanced due to I do not have a car. I also do not like walking in the heat with no form of cooling. So I plan for a late night mail pick up where the lack of AC won’t bother myself and others so bad. If it was not for the good air conditioning system in our home, I do not think how I would be able to go back from the walk! My air conditioning system cools myself and others off real well when I walk back in the door from taking that journey. The air conditioning system feels so good & smooth on our hot body. It helps myself and others dry up the sweat from the heat. I do not think what I would do without the blast of our air conditioning system! I recently just bought the current air conditioning system too. I went with a ductless mini split method. This is so each room in the whole house can be set to a new temperature. I appreciate the zone control function & additionally that a smart control unit can hook up to it. If I walk to the mail in the early part of the day, I have the AC ready for myself and others at home.

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