I’m doing everything I can

Three years ago, my sister got married to her highschool sweetheart.  They were really looking forward to the wedding because he is originally from Ireland and they were in a long distance relationship for several years.  The wedding marked the moment that they would finally be together. My sister moved to Ireland with him. Although it was difficult for my family to let her go, it was comforting to know how happy they would be together.  Every year, I visit them for a few weeks. My most recent trip was a few weeks ago. I was especially excited for this particular trip because they had moved to a new house and I was really excited to see it! Prior to this, they lived in a small apartment, so being able to afford a comfortable home was a big deal for them.  They saved a lot of money during those three years because they wanted to buy their dream home. I have to say, it is a magnificent home. My favorite part of the home was the heating system. They had heated floors. I only ever heard about this, but I never actually visited a home that had this luxury. The house does not have a single cold spot because the heated floors slowly send heated water throughout the entire home.  There are pipes underneath the floorboards. I even took off my socks and my feet weren’t cold! This was wonderful. Now I understand why they took their time purchasing their dream home. It was so worth it to have this luxurious home!

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