Only using portable heating

I was really worried this year, when winter got as harsh as it was.  The snowfall wasn’t letting up and we had already had two weeks of subzero temperatures.  I hadn’t bought the same amount of wood that I normally had, because I was short on cash, but we still had about six weeks of winter, and I only had about two weeks of wood.  I thought about ordering more wood, but because of the winter, there was a huge demand for more wood, and the price was getting really high. I had to find a way to supplement what little wood I had left.  I knew I couldn’t afford to put in a heating system, but I thought about getting a space heater. I figured with a space heater, I could put it in the bedroom. With the bedroom door shut, it would keep it warm and comfortable in there, and I would get a good night’s sleep.  Then I would be able to function at work. I finally talked to the HVAC company and they suggested an oil filled electric heater. It was supposed to work like radiant heat. It didn’t blow heat around, but it heated the air around it. I invested in an refurbished oil filled space heater, and I don’t regret it.  My new heater runs quietly, and although I was in a panic over the cost of energy, the first month, there was little change in my energy bill. When my second month bill came, the increase wasn’t enough to make me bat an eye.

electric heater