Worried about the state of the a/c filter

I love rainy days and being able to just sit inside and listen to the rain on the roof.  I hate that we have been having rain every day for the last six weeks. I’m wondering if it is ever going to stop or if I have to start moving to higher ground.  We have already had the amount of rain in six weeks that we would normally have in the entire season. The worst part of the rain is the humidity in the house. We have the heating running all of the time so it can keep the house more comfortable, but it doesn’t do everything.  You would think that heating would dry out the house, but you would be thinking wrong. We have been changing the air filters more often to make sure our air quality isn’t compromised. I would hate to think that we could end up with mold over all of this rain. My husband came home with a dehumidifier last week.  We set it up in the living and we were both amazed that after only an hour, we had to empty the water reservoir. I couldn’t believe the dehumidifier was able to remove a gallon of water from our air. The next day, we bought a second dehumidifier. We put this dehumidifier in our bedroom to help make it more comfortable.  Hopefully, in the next couple days, the rain will stop and we don’t need to worry about the humidity. I don’t think it is going to dry out totally for quite a while.