Teamwork on the a/c

I remember my mom always laughing when dad came home from one of his fishing or hunting trips.  He never brought home anything for her to cook, but she always had a twinkle in her eye and told him she hoped he had fun.  He would smile back and wink and tell her it was really relaxing and she didn’t want to clean that stinky dead meat, now did she?  When I got to be about thirteen, he asked me if I wanted to tag, one weekend. I wasn’t really into hunting and fishing, but I wanted to be with  my dad. We headed up to the ‘old’ cabin, and there were a bunch of his buddies. The ‘old’ cabin was decked out with everything we had in our home.  This included one really modern heating and air conditioning system. They had an air purifier attached to the HVAC system and a dehumidifier and a humidifier.  We spent the entire weekend inside the cabin. Dad and his buddies smoked cigars, drank beer and played cards. I got to play video games on the gaming system, with the son’s of a couple of his friends.  We had a great time, and he told me he would take me along any time, as long as I didn’t tell mom about the HVAC system in the cabin. He said that if she found out there was such good heating and air conditioning in the cabin, she may want to come along and then the fishing and hunting would be ruined.  The poker, beer and cigars was always our secret, but I’m pretty sure mom knew all about it already.

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