The boiler system

I used to watch this television show about dumpster divers.  I thought it was disgusting to see them wallowing around in those trash bins and yet sometimes they found some really amazing things.  When I moved to the city to go to school, I met a guy who was a dumpster diver. I went along with him and I was amazed when he pulled an air conditioner out of the dumpster.  He put it in the back of his truck along. He also pulled a mini split HVAC out of the dumpter. After putting that in the truck, he decided it was time to go. We went to a couple dumpsters that were used when apartments or houses were being remodelled.  He took the mini split and the air conditioner back to his house so he could get them in the garage to inspect them. The air conditioning unit was intact and it only took him a couple minutes to get it running. He said it was a central air unit and it needed some work, but he was sure it would bring in some good money.  The mini split unit only needed a remote which he had one in his shop. He said he had done HVAC for a living for years, until he had hurt himself and he couldn’t work anymore. I think it was more that he wanted to retire and he smiled when I said it. He was able to sell the AC unit and the mini split to a company that specializes in used equipment.  I was amazed at how much money he made just by finding those items in a dumpster.

HVAC technology