the a/c system at work

I was so thrilled to finally be able to get a job.  I had finally got my license and I wanted to be able to do things without asking mom and dad for  money. My job wasn’t a classy job, since all I did was go outside of the large shopping and center, and gather the shopping carts that weren’t in the shopping cart round up.  It is nice to be able to work outside, especially since most of the managers and supervisors never stepped foot outside, during their shift, unless they were smoking. I really liked being able to work without anyone watching me.  I didn’t like being outside in every kind of weather. When I started, it was snowing and cold. Mom wouldn’t let me drive because I hadn’t had my license long enough to drive in the snow. It was so frigid outside, that I was taking the carts inside, two or three at time, so I could feel the heating.  One time I had walked and I was trying to thaw out under the air vents and one of the managers asked me why I was lurking inside. She reminded me that I was to be working outside and not loitering inside. I needed some heat and if they had to be outside more than a few seconds, they wouldn’t have stayed on the job.  I think they need to be outside for just twenty minutes and then they wouldn’t mind that I need to get inside and feel the heating. They would be standing in front of the air vent with me.

air conditioner maintenance