Want to have clean indoor air conditions

My sister has bad allergies, and they have been annoying for the past few years, and ever since we moved down south, my sister’s allergies have been worse and worse! We should have known this would happen, because there is a much longer blooming season in the southern area, but instead of enjoying a month or more of blooming flower weather, the South has multiple months of this weather… My sister starts to have dust sensitivity problems in the middle of June , and they often don’t get better until the end of summer or fall. Even our air filter barely helps remove the indoor pollutant that caused so multiple issues. My sister was talking to the doctor about her allergies, and the doctor recommended buying a small portable air cleaner to keep in her room at night; The largest problem was sleeping, and the doctor recommended  the air cleaner for nights. My sister did not want to buy anything high-priced, but the portable air cleaner was well within her range. The doctor gave her a prescription, so she could buy a special portable air cleaner from the medical supply store. She got a discount, and the medical supply store even billed her insurance for the portable air cleaner. I hope it will help, because we made the choice to go through a lot of stress to get the small machine. She will keep the portable air cleaner in her room, and use it while I was in the evenings when my spouse and I sleep. I do hope it will help alleviate some of the symptoms my spouse cannot sleep through. I would care about to see her get a full eight hours of sleep at night.

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