The HVAC job is ideal


             Some time ago, I started working at a certified heating and A/C system dealership. I have been here for a few.months, and things have been going particularly well. I like the job and all my colleagues; My boss is a swell guy; he sets the schedule every week, and makes sure that every person has a day off. My boss is the type of guy that reminds you of your dad. He is firm and demands respect, but he is a great person to have as a boss.

             When my best friend finished HVAC college, he wanted me to find him a job at my certified heating and A/C system dealership. I wasn’t certain that the supplier was hiring, and I did not want to annoy my boss. Yet, I promised my best friend that I would attempt to find him a position with the supplier. I came to work a few minutes early yesterday, so I could discuss the matter with my boss. I told him about my best friend, and I mentioned that he was looking for a job in the heating and A/C system field. My boss was particularly interested and offered the guy an interview any day.

                My boss thinks that I am a hard worker, and my recommendation is good I hope my best friend will not let me down, because I am putting it on the line. I don’t want my job at the certified heating and A/C system dealership to be in jeopardized, if my friend doesn’t work well. I’m sure he will not let me down.

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