Adding another heater


My students have been complaining about the low indoor temperatures for weeks. I cannot blame them really, because it’s colder than I can remember in past years. It seems like the gas furnaces aren’t working efficiently.… Even if I put my hand directly over the oil furnace vent, I can barely feel any warm air coming out of the equipment. I talked to the custodian about the heating problem, however she insists that everything is working as it should.

              I placed the thermometer inside the TV closet, which is on the opposite side of the room from our heater. The thermometer inside our closet registered a temperature of 52 degrees. I don’t understand how it can be that cold. Still, the school custodian considers this indoor temperature to be fine. Some of our students have complained for numerous weeks, although I have nothing to tell them.Even though it’s 10 degrees outside, the oil furnace still does not work.  If parents begin to complain as well, I’m going to push to have the oil furnace fixed.

               I don’t think if my push will work, but complaining parents will honestly have an effect on the principal plus School Administration staff. The school board will not want to hear that students are freezing in the classroom, because the gas furnaces aren’t working properly… Hopefully, the heating problem will not become an issue that needs to disturb the quarterly school board meeting. I would hate to lead parents in that direction, because things could get weird. The school board hates unhappy parents showing up in the middle of their quarterly board meeting.