Totally in a good mood with my radiant heater

I love my family and I am so glad that I have the family I have.  I wasn’t over thrilled with our need to always be moving for my dad’s job, but it was his job.  Because of all of the travelling, I have always had a yearning for my own home someday. I didn’t want to ever have to travel again, once I was old enough to move out of the family home.  I used to imagine what my home would look like, and I even tried to draw up my own blueprints. I had my own ideas on what kind of HVAC system I had in in the house. We lived in an area that was extremely cold and it lasted almost nine months a year.  I really loved it, but I really love the heating system even more. I remember when the we got our first really cold, cold spell. Mom heard a funny noise coming from the furnace, and she called the HVAC company so we didn’t break down and freeze to death.  He was really nice about the experience, but he guaranteed that everything was okay. It was just the sound of the hot water flowing through the pipes. We had radiant heating in our house. There were pipes laid beneath the flooring, and hot water flowed through the pipes.  It was extremely quiet and clean. The water heated the floors, and the heat radiated throughout the entire house. It was nice waking up in the morning and feeling the heat on the floors. Radiant heating will definitely be in my home, because the heated bathroom, spoiled me rotten.

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