Getting the heater and a/c plan settled

My sister always seems to have issues with her HVAC system maintenance, she always shrugged it off plus said she would take care of it. Every single time I would take our family over to visit though, the air quality was so disappointing in her place! It got to the point where I didn’t want to take any family members over there anymore because I was worried about their health. I also worried about my sister’s health and I had to have a talk with her. I insisted that my dad and I check her air filter, it was entirely bad. I explained to her that if she continued to go without proper HVAC plan maintenance, she might have to pay for a undoubtedly costly repair or even worse such as, buying a whole new HVAC system altogether. She was a little shocked by this and became worried. So I helped her to get some new air filters from the store. So we put in a brand new air filter in her HVAC system. The air quality improved quite a bit just by doing that. She was even able to notice the change in air quality plus she thanked me. I said that wasn’t enough to just change the air filters. I told her she had to get proper HVAC checkups here and there. I told her it was pressing to have her air duct cleaned out every so often so that there would be no blockages or dust and particle in the ducts. I told her that blockages would cause her HVAC system to struggle plus inevitably raise her energy bills and potentially cause more issues with her HVAC system.

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