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When there is a national emergency, all the people should try to help out. The people I was with and I are very lucky to live in a section of the country that does not have a lot of drastic weather. The people I was with and I rarely have to face tornadoes or tropical weather, and we do not have any earthquakes in the least… Last June, we had to deal with a thunderstorm that lasted for a number of days. Everyone in the region was under flooding Waters. My neighbors and I live in a truly low region, and all the people had sandbags in front of the doors and garages. The greatest problem in our particular area was older trees. A ton of folks had concerns with Fallen limbs and tree debris. I definitely wanted to help our neighbors, although I happen to work in the heating and a/c equipment field. I searched through my work truck for some tools that could possibly help. I keep a hand saw in my heating and a/c equipment truck, just in case I have to clear tree debris. I also have a good pair of gloves for heating and a/c equipment work. I took my saw and walked through the city, offering assistance to anyone that could use the help. Some of our neighbors needed way more help than others. One person down the street had some major trouble, when a big tree smashed down on the outdoor air conditioner equipment. When I provided assistance with the setback, they were overwhelmed with happiness. I walked back to grab my extra tools in the heating and a/c equipment truck. I’m definitely glad that I decided to be proactive. A lot of neighbors were in need of the help, but didn’t actually know who to ask.

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