Building up a home and a/c

I’ve always had a fairly hardy constitution, and it takes a whole lot for me to get sick, in addition to even then I tend to get sick for a short amount of time! Still, there are the occasional moments where something gets me sick quite a bit more than usual! For the past week, the aggravator that’s been destroying my immune program defenses is the construction going on right next door! Since the empty lot next to our property was cleared of foliage in addition to the groundwork was laid out to get going with building a house, our property has been flooded with sawdust, airborne dust from broken concrete, in addition to plenty of other debris. It’s seriously too much for our air filter to handle, so a vast majority of these airborne irritants float through the ventilation ductwork in addition to all around our property. As if it wasn’t awful enough that our air quality has been wrecked by this construction, my immune system also takes a sizable hit. I think that I’m just going to need to invest in an air purification system for our property, as I’m not going to be able to keep breathing in all this dust moving forward. I’ll have to ask our nextdoor neighbor what model he has, as he invested in a powerful air purifier for his property that has made a large difference. With these powerful air purifiers, I can keep the air much cleaner in addition to free of any airborne bacteria that would otherwise hurt my health. Since my familiar air filters aren’t able to hold up against all of this extra dust in the air either, I might need to get going with using higher quality air filters, such as HEPA filters, just to keep the air clear of these particles from the construction site.

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