cooling unit filled with bees

Ever since I was a pretty small kid, I have been deathly scared of bees. I swell up badly and have trouble effectively breathing, if I am stung by a bee. When I was a kid, our dad carried an EpiPen absolutely everywhere every one of us went, then he didn’t let me play outside most of the time during the summer, unless I was close to home. When I first decided to go into the heating and a/c field, I knew I would spend some time each day outdoors. When I started really working, I carried an EpiPen in our daily truck. I never expected to use the EpiPen, although I kept it in located our heating and a/c job truck for emergencies. Last weekend, our friend Lou and I were really working on a routine heating and a/c component replacement in the field, then phil was really working inside, while I was outdoors removing the outdated air a/c. There was a nest of hornets hiding inside the a/c, and I didn’t see them until it was too late; By the time I finally made it inside the residence, I was already starting to swell up from the single sting. I ran out to our job truck and abruptly found the EpiPen. Lou called an ambulance just in case, and notified the client that I needed immediately to go to the hospital. I spent a few hours in the emergency room, Lou ¬†finished the job with another employee. He didn’t have any other troubles with the heat pump and a/c replacement.

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