Want to do some duct sealing

I bought an outdated but cheap Fixer-Upper last year, when I got a significant return from our income taxes in April. My husbandy wanted me to buy a motorcycle, although I found a nice and cheap mobile home on 2 Acres of property. I had enough currency saved up for a down payment. Since the mobile home was already in terrible shape, I didn’t have to acquire a big loan. The single master lavatory needed a plumbing supplier immediately. Half of the entire floor was missing, and you could see the plumbing pipes under the massive house. I spent $3,000 to service the master lavatory plumbing troubles, and soon after that, another $1,500 to supply the thing a facelift. After living now in the locale for more than seven weeks, I’ve also noticed a lot of troubles with the indoor air. The entire master lavatory and bedroom do not have much airflow. I tried absolutely everything to eliminate the air flow troubles. I cleaned the ductwork and even the air vents! Nothing worked, so I decided to go ahead and contact an Heating and Air Conditioning supplier to come and help. I didn’t want to get under the house, and I absolutely didn’t have a clue what to fix. The Heating and Air Conditioning supplier crawled straight under the home to inspect the ductwork. He absolutely seemed to have found the problem, which was the ductwork under that large portion of the house. Most of it was rotten and 1 piece of ductwork was not properly attached to the entire air system. He was surprised that our home was not more terribly infested with bugs. He spent numerous hours fixing the ductwork. I, in the meantime, spent a lot of currency, however the air flow concern is no longer a huge issue. Since I hired a professional Heating and Air Conditioning supplier to come and service the duct work, I will not have to worry about it again. The expansive ductwork warranty is for 20 years, and I think I will be living in another home by that time.

ductwork sealing