The doorway letting out a/c

This might sound pretty silly, but I can’t stand people always ringing the doorbell… It does not matter whether it’s in the winter or the summer time, when I have to open the door all the time, the treated air flows out the door. I do not like it especially in the winter, because after that I have to start freezing my butt off just because somebody needs to talk to me at the door. I entirely do not have the money, to deal with this kind of energy waste. It is also almost just as terrible in the summer season, because then all that air-conditioning flows straight out the door. I also do not like it when the kids are running in and out of the house all the time, and of course, they like to go out and play with their friends. I always tell them though, they can’t be coming in and out of the house like crazy all the time. It really gets on my nerves when the neighborhood kids are always ringing the doorbell, and then our kids just stand there with the door open talking to their friends. I always have to yell at them about wasting energy with the air conditioner going out the door. If they want to waste energy, they can do that when they own a place of their own when they have to pay for the heating and cooling bills. I think I am going to have to put a sign on our door, that says ‘only ring the doorbell if it’s important.’ I think something like that might save me the headache of dealing with energy waste with our weather conditions control system.

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