Need air purification due to the candle making

My sister is an absolute lunatic.  She isn’t happy unless she has some kind of hobby that is messy.  It’s a good thing that most of them only lasted a short time, and I was really hoping that her current hobby would go by way of the Dodo in a very short time.  For some reason, she seems to be really enjoying her new hobby of candle making. I am hating it. It’s not that I have anything against candles, because I keep one in the bathrooms and in my bedroom, but that is just one.  When you have the scent of thirty different candles in the house, you want to throw up. The only reason you don’t throw up is because your head is hurting too much. I put a window air conditioning in that room, to help get rid of the scent, but I know that it helps to improve the air quality, but it just sent the scent throughout the house.  Now I am considering buying a whole house air filtration system. I talked to the HVAC company and they told me that it would eliminate all of the odors, and it would also help to negate the oils and pungency of the candles when is creating in her room. I am thinking that I will ask her to help foot the bill of the air purifier, but it is my house, and my name is on the deed.  The air purifier goes right in with the HVAC system, so she can’t even take it with her when she leaves, or if she leaves. I guess the cost is mine to absorb, and not hers.

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