Having it much harder

I live in the south. I have spent almost our whole life in the south. True, I was born in the northeast, but our mother moved the family down south when I was just numerous multiple years old. The only memories I have of Winter time up north are playing in the snow, ice skating, plus putting our mittens on the radiator to dry when I came inside. I did not have to pay the heating plus cooling bill. I did not have to turn on the pilot light every year. I did not have to make arrangements with fuel oil guy to supply for the fuel oil oil furnace. I did not have to shovel the driveway or get the snow off the roof before it caved in. In fact, our only real experience with a heater, is the heating button on our central heating plus cooling system. Right there on the control component is the straight-forward switch. In the winter, I flip it to heat. In the summer, I flip the control component to cool. Some people who have smart control units do not even have to do that. They simply make the control component setting, plus the smart control component knows whether to use the heating system or the cooling system. I have a lot of respect for northerners. Their lives are harder than ours are down here in the south. It’s true that both of us would die of heat stroke if it were not for our A/Cs in November, but in comparison to those drastic northern winters, both of us southerners have it made. It is no wonder that retirees flock to our state in sizable numbers!

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