Mountain top trip with no HVAC

After school lets out, my husband and I plan a trip so we can get away and relax.  Our kids go to summer camp every year, and they swim and learn different kinds of crafts.  They look forward to the time away, and so do we. Unless you are parents, you cannot truly understand how important it is for us to get away from the house for a while.  We have just survived ten months of school. We are responsible for them getting up in the morning, eating a healthy breakfast, getting showered and making it to the bus on time.  We also have to make sure we are off to work. When they get home, I need to be prepared for quick snacks, running back and forth to school for activities, getting their dinner, and making sure homework is done.  Then it is fight to get them off their game consoles and into bed. They go to school, but we do the work. When my husband asked if I would like to have a quiet week in the mountains, I jumped at the chance. He said there was a quiet camping area that even had cabins, and it was right on the lake.  I anxiously asked if there was air conditioning. I didn’t care if it was in the mountains, I still wanted my air conditioning. He wasn’t sure, but I said that unless there was AC in the cabin, I wasn’t going. I didn’t think that running water and AC was too much to ask. I was excited to go and packed right away when he said there was HVAC in every cabin.

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