AC system not doing its job!

I just don’t understand people who say they can take a deep breath, count backwards from ten, and abruptly find themselves much more relaxed and calm instead of being miserable. When I get miserable at work, I can brush off the agitation and focus on my work. However, when I get mad, I don’t just get miserable – I see red! The worst is when I’m dealing with unit failure, as I have such a hard time accepting that something built to perform a function would abruptly stop now working. When my air conditioner proposal broke down on me the other day, I thought I was going to pull the air handler out of the closet and throw it through a window! That’s just how mad I was, however you can’t blame me! The air conditioner proposal was now working good all week, however abruptly on Tuesday day, it stopped now working. What kind of timing is that? I tried to remain calm, and I did what anyone would do as I played around with the temperature control. All I could get the component to do was act as a fan, and that only circulated the moderate air inside my home. Feeling my anger begin to overwhelm me, I stepped outside and called up a friend of mine that just had his air conditioner proposal fixed. Once I got the name of the repair worker and their supplier, I offered them a call after hanging up on my friend and got an appointment scheduled, and luckily for me, I was able to be seen the same day!

HVAC representative