Don’t like our air quality

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve observed that I can quickly option up on exhausting air quality in a beach house or business; When I go to a friend’s house, I can genuinely tell that they haven’t replaced their air filter in months simply because of the air quality, and the same applies for companies too, as I can always tell if a store owner or supervisor has been on top of their Heating and A/C repair program for the past year; Occasionally, I’ll go into a place that has such awful air quality, I have no choice however to leave! I still remember this 1 time when I went to the local auto parts store to get some components for our truck. As soon as I walked into the auto parts store, I was overwhelmed with this stuffiness in the air that almost made myself and others sick. The air was harder to breathe, as if I was on top of a mountain where the oxygen concentration was much lower. How could anyone stand being in this shop for more than multiple hours? Well I tried to rush through the shop and grab what I needed, which was nothing more than a replacement bulb for our turn signal and a quart of motor oil. I made it as far as the motor oil before I succumbed to the awful air quality, feeling our heartbeat as it became more erratic. I got out of that store and left our things on the counter, resolving to get them somewhere else. To suppose that there were people genuinely working in a place love that for hours at a time just makes myself and others sick!