Concerns over the fireplace

The first beach house our fiance and I lived in had this immense fireplace in the family room. It was amazing to look at and had incredible craftsmanship evident from the brick to the mantle. However, it was far too immense for the family room it was intended to warm! Plus, having little kids around meant that the fireplace was just a immense liability, as our little 1s could genuinely find their way into the fireplace and coat themselves in ash and soot. The fireplace proved to be more trouble than it was worth, so the two of us wound up converting it into a gas-lit fireplace. This meant making a few changes to the appearance of the fireplace and mantle, however it also meant having a much more controlled, clean-burning fireplace to add warmth to our home. We already had radiant radiant floors installed in the house, so every square inch of our current home was already fairly hot thanks to the coverage that radiant heating can provide. Still, on the recognizably freezing nights during the winter, it was pricey for us to have access to the gas-lit fireplace. Our kids genuinely enjoyed it too, as it gave them something hot and entertaining to stare at, however was controlled and kept out of their reach. If the two of us lived in a larger house, or the two of us were able to somehow transplant this fireplace into a much larger family room, the two of us would’ve enjoyed to keep it around! But, when you’ve got kids to consider – and your air quality to maintain – it’s pressing to suppose beyond the realm of aesthetics, and make sure your current home is heated in a safe, functionally sound way.

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