Hoping to fix our air conditioner

When I was twenty-six years old, my partner plus I went through 1 of the most exhausting, yet rewarding situations in our lives. It all began when all of us were seeing the news about a week prior, plus saw that there was a terrible hurricane coming in from the Atlantic ocean plus was headed straight for our town. Both of us heard this same  fatigued song plus dance from the weatherman every year, so all of us grew to know he was crying wolf plus nothing more… Let myself and others tell you, I would supply anything to have the ability to go back in time, smack myself plus yell at myself to get out of there immediately! Ultimately the storm did come right at us, plus my partner plus I had no choice but to get on the road with hours to spare. Both of us thankfully evacuated just in time, but when all of us came back more than 2 days later, our house had literally disappeared! Nothing but the foundations plus parts of the basement reMEdy. The strangest thing was seeing the air duct of our heating plus A/C system lining the road in front of where our house was. It made myself and others laugh, as I remembered complaining to my partner about how the air duct needed to be cleaned before all of us evacuated. The control device was also having complications getting the temperature of the house accurately read, plus the oil furnace or A/C device would run for too long to get the house sizzling or cool. Those problems seemed so easy, straight-forward plus hassle-free now, compared to having to rebuild an entire house from nothing. Both of us made it through that time because all of us relied on each other for support.