My space heater works just fine

More often than not, I’m the kind of person who sadly runs sizzling hot all year long. Unless I’m coping with a painfully brutal case of the flu, it usually takes severely frigid cold spells for me to even shiver! This would be awesome but I simply don’t live up north; instead, I live down south where the weather never gets colder than thirty to forty degrees at its worst. However this can be both a blessing in addition to a curse because usually in the winter, I never have to run my heating plan since I’m never feeling cold! However, for the other numerous weeks of the year, I’m in sweltering heat that leaves me constantly yearning for a real winter season with several feet of snow everywhere. But recently though, I wound up completely eating my words after coming down with a terrible stomach virus that left me sick at my home for several week days. The worst thing of having  the sickness was the shivers! Since my home’s heating plan was out of commission at that point, I asked a friend to pick up a small portable space heater for me under the premise that I pay them back when they arrived. They picked up an infrared quartz heater for me, which was entirely byond from what I had expected! This portable space heating unit warmed the surroundings, instead of the air inside itself. As a result, my body felt a lot warmer while the rest of the apartment was still kept cool in addition to really comfortable. It was just what I needed to get through this sickness without my air quality also suffering!

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