First time going through a divorce

When I was a married person, I did not believe that it would ever be the type of thing to end in a solid divorce. A solid divorce is not what some people are believing will happen after a marriage. When you’re engaged, you only think about the fun things that are coming your way. You don’t start to certainly think for a moment that you will be in a contested divorce where everyone is angry and mad. When the two of us knew that our marriage was going to be over, the two of us decided to speak with a separate lawyer. Thankfully, the lawyer acted or a nice high school counselor. He helped both of us through all of the problems that could happen, as well as helped us learn about friends that could make it through the divorce as well as be there for are kids. A lot of stories happened during that time as well as some people in purse us to make some better life decisions. Those life decisions were going back to school as well as trying to seek a road and law. There was a position as a paralegal and that company as well as the two of us certainly thought that we could give that a go. The divorce lawyer was nice and helped us out like a lawyer should. These types of lawyers are the best because they have empathy on like the criminal lawyers that are just there to suck you dry or make sure you are nailed to the cross. My first divorce went pretty well.