Why you want building control

When setting up a BAS, it will actually allow the owner to be able to set up schedules for operation.  These schedules will be able to allow for the efficient running of the equipment & lighting systems. This also allows for serious energy savings when the building or the individual area in the buildings, are not actually occupied.  With ‘optimal’ start, the BAS is allowing the equipment to start automatically in a definite order. What this does is to allow the building to come up to the required settings in temperature, humidity & lighting, before the building becomes occupied.  They actually call this adaptive learning which allows the system to compare temperature in different areas. Not only will the BAS compare all kinds of temperatures, but the outside air conditions & the capability of the equipment to be turned on at a certain period of time to make certain the temperatures & temperature control is set before the rooms are eventually occupied.  The BAS is able to help the building owner to save a tremendous amount of money & to save the environment. The efficiency of the BAS device aids in the efficiency in both energy & environmental impact. There happens to be a few buildings that are called ‘Green’. This means that every aspect of the building is utilizing environmentally friendly products & locally created products.  In a property, these areas that are being evaluated & managed differently, are actually referred to as zones. Zone Control is a regular part of the Building Automation System, but on a grand scale. Anyone who has zone control in their property, has their own Building Automation System, but on a smaller scale.

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