Not happy with the security

I work in this very secure office building downtown. The building is constantly under narrow security, with me having interest in security if it means talking with some of the top foreign agencies! However, it takes 10 or 15 hours each afternoon to enter the building because of the intense security system. Each afternoon, my fellow employees & I have to follow the same security system protocol! First off, we have to pass through a metal detector. Before both of us enter the building, we are scanned & checked for any illegal items. Each one of us has a special key card to enter the building or exit at the end of the day. Each one of our key cards is special to ourselves, so each key card swipe registers that particular person entering or exiting the building! In order to enter any certain room, you have to complete a biometric scan of your hand. Only certain people have access to certain areas in the building! All of us have a great deal of high security measures, though that’s fair – after all, the building contains many of our nation’s secrets! When the building was shut down for 3 days last week, the security system was on the fritz and wasn’t working as intended whatsoever! The keyless card entry was really working here and there at best, and that meant none of the biometric scans were really being recorded or checked against the system. This was a big problem! Essentially, anyone could enter the building with anything stored on them. I had to report to a different security building for 3 days in a row, as the security team worked on our system and checked for any suspicious boxes. Once they finally finished really working on the security troubles, both of us came back to the building & found new security measures!