Want good HVAC in our other bedroom

This past Christmas holiday season wrapped up by being one of the most hectic in a long time.  Not since our adolescents were little had the two of us been doing so much in so short a time. All of us used to need to go visit families and to see Christmas trees and try all sorts of tasty cookies.  As the two of us got older, my husband and I would stay home and they were coming to see us. After a while I put an end to that because I felt that Christmas day was for the family. All of us would go to watch my grandchildren open their gifts and then slowly slip out of the door to have the day to themselves.  All of us loved our time alone, also. This year, my youngest son and his partner, came up for the holidays. All of us hadn’t seen them in over a year and it was an amazing surprise. They slept in the cabin room which is kept cleaned and made up, for whenever we have guests over. My seventeen year aged granddaughter will often take up residence in the cabin room whenever she needs a quiet arena to study for an exam.  With younger brothers and a sister to go along with, she doesn’t have a lot of quiet time. All of us always had a area furnace for the loft, however since she started coming over more and more frequently, we put in a mini split Heating, Ventilation, and A/C system. There is also an air cleaner up there, since it is basically the attic, the air seems to get a bit dusty. It has made the room so much more comfortable, and she looks at it as an escape away from home.  My son and his partner so loved the current Heating, Ventilation, and A/C idea that they have already set a date on coming back in the Spring.

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