the house cooling plan is great

My daughter and I used to go for long rides before I met our hubby.  All of us would find houses that every one of us wanted to live eventually.  All of us would have conversations on what kind of person lived there plus what it would look care about inside.  All of us lived in a tiny apartment, after our hubby was gone. We weren’t able to afford much more than tiny plus it was fun to imagine living in these large houses. When I met my hubby, she enjoyed him as much as I did.  All of us found out what it was care about to live in one of those grand houses. I never asked what he did for a living and since we each had children, we didn’t want to go to each other’s homes until every one of us knew it was permanent.  The night he asked myself and others to marry him, was the first time I was in his home. We went ahead and picked up our daughter plus he asked her if he could marry us. He even gave her an engagement ring. He took us to his house to show us where every one of us could live if every one of us wanted to marry him.  My daughter was speechless as every one of us pulled up the driveway. This was the kind of condo every one of us had fantasized about. It has numerous dining rooms plus several washrooms. There was a family room and a family room. There was even a small home in the basement where his son lived. She pinched herself and told myself and others that it felt so warm inside.  Our little home had horrible HVAC. All of us couldn’t set the temperature control higher than sixty-five due to the fact that the landlord had a lock box over it. The air conditioning was non-existent. She couldn’t wait to move over here and packed her dolls when we reached home.

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